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All of the great features of the Traditional Rhino Case are available in the Compact Rhino Case. With an overall length of 26” vs the 32” of the standard Rhino, the Compact Rhino is perfect for bows with up to 25” limbs, and risers up to 19”.


  • Tough Strata Ameri Suede Camo or Black Nylon Outer Shell
  • Heavy Fleece Interior
  • Tri-Fold Design
  • Ample Storage Space
  • 3 Accessory Pockets
  • 1 Limb Sleeve Set
  • Velcro Fasteners
  • Work Surface for Bow Assembly
  • Carry Handle & Shoulder Strap


First among the many qualities that a bow case should provide is Absolute Protection. Safari Tuff cases are constructed with an outer shell of Strata Ameri Suede Camo or Black Nylon. Closed cell ethafoam padding and heavyweight fleece interior.

The tri-fold design offers unparalleled protection and for that ‘worst case’ scenario.  The three accessory pockets give the Rhino case ample secure storage for things like limb bolts, strings, gloves, tab, armguard, broadhead sharpening tools, etc. One large center and two smaller pockets on each side provide security with Velcro fasteners. There are no zippers to fail!

When open the Rhino case provides a work mat when assembling your bow no more limbs bolts dropped in the leaves or dirt!

Two limb sleeves come with the case to handle one set of limbs. With extra limb sleeves (sold separately) you can carry two sets of limbs with your bow, or up to a 58” 2pc takedown and a 3pc takedown.

The Rhino has a carry handle located on the top of the case, plus a handy 1 1/2’’ adjustable over the shoulder carry strap on the back.

BUY NOW – $68.00